Sunday, September 16, 2018

Surface Go joins the family!

Well followers, I've recently brought the new Surface Go into the family! I'm using it as my primary device for meetings with customers, while my Surface Book serves as my main power machine for heavy lifting when I'm in the office. It's working great - awesome battery life, perfect weight. The size is nice especially on flights or while reading eBooks.  Stay tuned for more awesome stories, tips and tricks about my Go in future posts!

As a result, you can now also visit this website with a new additional domain name: 

How fortunate am I that the new naming still works with my Bro concept! LOL

In celebration of this new name, as well as what I hope will be a new set of long overdue content, I thought I'd share a great pic I recently took with the help of my Modern Workplace friends at Microsoft!  Enjoy! :)

Wearing a Surface Pro costume at a Microsoft conference in Las Vegas

Tuesday, October 11, 2016 is LIVE!

Okay, ladies & gentlemen… I’ve come out of my blogging hiatus to confirm the rumors that you’ve been hearing on the streets and in the dark alley ways. Yes, it’s true – SURFACEPROBRO.COM is now live! I’ve saved your little fingers about a dozen keystrokes – you’re welcome!


Sunday, November 15, 2015

Latest Update brings awesome Ink Reminders to Windows 10

O. M. G.  Ink Reminders in the new Win10 update (Threshold 2) are awesome…

From the Cortana menu, start up an ink note and let her know when you want to be reminded…


How awesome is it to see your handwritten note as a reminder!…


Can it be even more awesome. Uhhh… yes. Cortana reads my handwriting

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fragile Links in OneNote

imageWhile Links are a great way to set pointers for jumping to different areas of your page, and works nice on your Surface when using your fingers to click, drag & zoom around your page. But be wary of their fragile nature when moving your Page to a different location in your notebooks…