Sunday, November 15, 2015

Latest Update brings awesome Ink Reminders to Windows 10

O. M. G.  Ink Reminders in the new Win10 update (Threshold 2) are awesome…

From the Cortana menu, start up an ink note and let her know when you want to be reminded…


How awesome is it to see your handwritten note as a reminder!…


Can it be even more awesome. Uhhh… yes. Cortana reads my handwriting

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Fragile Links in OneNote

imageWhile Links are a great way to set pointers for jumping to different areas of your page, and works nice on your Surface when using your fingers to click, drag & zoom around your page. But be wary of their fragile nature when moving your Page to a different location in your notebooks…

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Ways & Whys to Lasso in OneNote

One feature often under-utilized in OneNote is the Lasso tool. On the Surface Pro, there are a few different ways to execute this feature since you have mouse, pen, and touch as options. See my video below for a demo, but here are the details:

The Ways

OneNote Desktop: Pen, Finger, or the Lasso Select button in the Draw toolbar. You can use the mouse to lasso or just select things with a basic square selector, but lasso is more precise (curves can go around other objects)

OneNote Modern UI app: Pen or Finger – no Lasso Select button (although Lasso options will show in the radial menu after you lasso something).

Sunday, January 18, 2015

iStylus??? Gimme a break…

With all the rumors and rumblings about a stylus being a part of the next iPad, it becomes even more important to understand why the Windows pen experience is so much more than a “stylus”. Here are a few old posts of mine discussing some of the differentiators. Namely:

  • stylus vs [active digitzer] pen
  • finger markings vs digital ink
  • palm rejection