Sunday, November 15, 2015

Latest Update brings awesome Ink Reminders to Windows 10

O. M. G.  Ink Reminders in the new Win10 update (Threshold 2) are awesome…

From the Cortana menu, start up an ink note and let her know when you want to be reminded…


How awesome is it to see your handwritten note as a reminder!…


Can it be even more awesome. Uhhh… yes. Cortana reads my handwriting



Add to all this the fact that your reminders are instantly synced across devices, and you have pure awesome sauce. For me, the ideal scenario is being out at a client meeting, hand writing notes throughout the day on my Surface Pro, then coming back to the office to see all the notes on my main PC, ready for some good ole GTD action planning!

The new challenge – figuring out if I use Cortana Notes, OneNote notes (via dbl-click on my Surface Pen) or Sticky Notes for my ‘quick note’ scenarios. What do you think?

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