Tuesday, May 14, 2013

You don’t have to be a Photoshop user to be excited about the new pen drivers!

Surface Pro owners have been giddy over the fact that Wacom finally created drivers that allow for pressure sensitivity in Photoshop – the buzz is all over Twitter. This is indeed very kool for those looking to use the Surface Pro for high-end graphic design, but it’s also exciting for us mere mortals as well!

Looking at the new Pen Tablet Properties screen shows that we get some additional features beyond just Photoshop goodness:



Among other things, having additional settings for the button on our pen could prove to be interesting.  For instance, I was playing around with the Erase setting (slightly increased efficiency to erase via click rather than turn the pen all the way around?), as well as the Keystroke option (use it to enable the keystroke to take a screenshot? – although I’m already doing that via flick gesture currently). Even controls to set how soft or firm we need to press in order to see pressure strokes, even outside of Photoshop.

I’m definitely gonna explore this further while we all wait for the official update from Microsoft – you should, too. : )

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