Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Office Mix & the Surface Pro–Awesome Together!

imageWell, Microsoft has done it again. They’ve created a site called Office Mix that puts new power into the already very kool PowerPoint application, and they’ve given educators, students, and bloggers like me another powerful tool for presenting our work.

Visit the site for all the details, and to see how others are using the tool. As for now, I just want to mention a few reasons why Office Mix is particularly kool for us Surface Pro and Windows 8 users!:

  1. It encourages incorporating the Pen into your presentation! Everyone knows I love the Pen. Now I can easily record my pen strokes in real-time. Or just accentuate a slide in my presentation with some hand-written annotation.
  2. Screen-record the Desktop mode, or the Metro mode, or back and forth! Not only is this a replacement for other clunky and/or expensive screen-capturing programs, but its ability to seamlessly record the ‘two worlds’ of Windows 8 is awesome.
  3. It’s interactive & touch-friendly. You can add a quiz or poll that your viewer can tap on to submit their response, and all of this looks great in landscape or portrait mode.

Expect to see me drop a Mix or two into the gallery in the coming days! Smile


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  2. Well, Microsoft has done it again. They've created a site called Office Mix that puts new power into the already very kool PowerPoint application ...

  3. Office Mix & the Surface Pro–Awesome Together! ...

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